Same Same Picture, brand of Protechnic Valor is well known for graphic-design and photo manipulation. Now the websites of 123proweb got the same success. A nice and customized design, but also a complete back office very easy to use, created and programmed by ourselvesRead More

Art Design Company, website in 6 languages (4 for moment), equipped
	for ecommerce with shopping cart. High ranking  with all keywords

Site of Thai-French school
	Chonburi Rayong, a website easy for navigation, with many pictures opening with special highslide system,
	as all our websites now, a website with
	a big database is offering cartridges and laser toner refill in France. This website is self managed through a very
	complete administration board we set up

Master Cartridges,
	refilling cartridges and producing refilling machines for inkjet or laser. We made a new design for this website,
	and changed all its development

Newsletter : a powerful marketing tool, easy and affordable :

For hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, companies of any size  : an easy and cheap way to show your frequently and to find new customers

You want to

- let know your activity and location to potential new customers
- remember your presence to your former customers
- communicate on your new products or packages
- launch a promotion
- anounce a special event, a party, a phone or address change

We offer our system of professional newsletter with self management.

We setup with you a background page, exactly as a webpage.
An administration board very easy to manage allows you to change text and pictures when you need. From this same board you can save, delete or modify your contacts.
You can also chose your target : the administration board allows you to make your own categories (languages, activities, location etc..) and to decide each time to who send a personalized newsletter.

In one click you send to all email addresses you want a newsletter with professional looking and personalized design.

Websites and Newsletters with self management :
- we make the webdesign and the program with the functions you need
- you manage alone your texts and pictures as and when you want in a very easy to use administration board


“What difference with sending emails from my own email box ?”

First the looking.
The professional image you give is very important. Communicate with a professional looking is essential. Just send emails, even with pictures (opening many times not where you want), is useful, but it is not enough to give a professional appearance. If anymore your emails are sent from addresses, as hotmail, gmail and other anonymous mailboxes able to be created or deleted in one day, your business and your way of working would not be seen as serious ones.

Then the suitable, easy and fast way of this structure.
The structure has as high performance as the best mail programs, but it is dedicated only to your own newsletters.With our administration board you can enter your text, choose its font, color, size and upload your own pictures.
You can decide yourself of categories and then optimize your targets: you want to send a special newsletter for a product interesting restaurants? You just have to make a category named restaurants and put inside all the concerned email addresses. Then you can send your newsletter only to this category. Next week you need to contact only handicrafts shops? You make exactly the same. So each time you can decide to send to all your contact, or only to one or several categories. You can make exactly the same with different languages.

« What difference with sending SMS from my mobile ? »

It is so much easier to find email addresses, by visiting websites and directories, than telephone numbesr. Your SMS can only be sent to people you know already while the newsletter helps you to find new customers

“Do I need a website to can use this newsletter system?”

No. This tool is independent. If you already have a website, the newsletter can be a very good help to increase visits number. Your website is useful to give a full information and a complete window on your products and company. The newsletter is made to send quickly and to many people casual news, to express frequently and to search new customers. You will see after sending a newsletter that frequentation of your website is growing.

Most of web hosting at low cost don't allow newsletter and email sending by lists.

Our system conciliates both: low cost and newsletter. If you have not, with our special offer you can create a website at very affordable price

What do I need for starting with this newsletter?

- A choice of background color or a watermarked background picture

- The files of pictures you want to put for your first test version. You will change them when you want with administration board

- The files of your texts for starting version. You will change them when you want with administration board

- Configurate a new mailbox on your own mail program

- 50% when order, 50% when newsletter ready to send

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